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Customized Products

We provide Product Sourcing Service, Custom-Made Service, Repacking and Processing Service, which can meet your special demands.

Product Sourcing Service
When you cannot find a satisfactory product on our website, our product purchasing team will certainly be able to provide you with a lot of help. We can search for similar products according to your requirements, as long as you provide relevant information.

Custom-Made Service
Have you considered having a unique product for sale, so as to truly distinguish it from your competitors? You offer the design idea and we will make it true.
  • Personalized Logo on the Product you Selected, such as a tag, stainless steel pendant, gift bag.
  • Customized Production in accordance with the sample and relevant pictures submitted by you.

Refer to the custom organza bag pattern and color, click here >

Refer to the custom gemstone shapes and materials, click here >

Repacking and Processing Service
The current packaging does not meet your sales status? Want to process products according to your own ideas?
Our repackaging and processing services can ensure that you meet all requirements at a low price!

* For more information about the charging standards, please click here >

Submission Process:
You can add processing requirements for different products on the shopping cart page.
Then select the processing method, or fill in other requirements.

* If you have any question on processing services, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected].

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