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Coupon Policy offers you two types of coupons, as following:

The first type: System Coupons

Depending on the order amount, Pandawhole will send you different number of coupons and the system will automatically deduct the amount based on your order amount the next time you place an order.

More details about System Coupons:

1) The value of all coupons is US $10. 

2) Each time the QTY of coupon you can use is "order amount excluding shipping cost divided by 150 (round down)". Say, the order amount is 300USD, then the qty of coupon you can use is 300/150= 2 coupons;

3) Coupons will be issued after the order is completed. The Validity of coupon is for 90 days;

4) The coupons you can get are depending on each amount of order. The greater order you make, the more coupons you will get:

Payment Amount 

Excluding Shipping Cost

Coupons Qty Coupons Amount
US $200~399 1 10
US $400~599 2 20
US $600~799 3 30
US $800~999 4 40
US $1000~1199 5 50
US $1200~1399 6 60
US $1400~1599 7 70
US $1600~1799 8 80
US $1800~1999 9 90
US $2000~2149 10 100
US $2150~2299 11 110
US $2300~2449 12 120
US $2450~2599 13 130
US $2600~2749 14 140
US $2750~2899 15 150
US $2900~2999 16 160
US $3000~3099 17 170
US $3100~3199 18 180
US $3200~3299 19 190
US $3300~3399 20 200
US $3400~3499 21 210
US $3500~3599 22 220
US $3600~3699 23 230
US $3700~3799 24 240
US $3800~3899 25 250
US $3900~3999 26 260
US $4000~4099 27 270


The second type: Public Coupon

This type of coupon is issued primarily to help you get more surprise with a small amount of money, which is just a code. If you got the public coupon code, you can use it when you place an order.

More details about Public Coupon:

1) A coupon code can be used once in one order. 

2) Even if you purchase a promotional item, you can use the coupon code to enjoy a cash discount.

3) Cash coupons are only available when shopping from

4) Pandawhole reserves the right of final interpretation of the above terms and conditions.


Notice: How to use public coupon code?

There are 2 ways to use the coupon code.

1) Enter your coupon code at the shopping cart page or at the checkout page.

2) Relate coupon with your own account
My Account----My Wallet----Coupon----Enter Your New Coupon Code----Add

If you already have created your coupon list, you will see following picture while checking out. Select the cash coupon to enjoy our discount.

Enjoy shopping, if you have any questions, please feel free to Contact us.

These Terms of Service and any separate agreements whereby we provide you shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of UK.

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