How to order from

00P6F8 as an example

1)  Find the items you want by browsing category or by searching keywords

2)  Chose the size, color and quantity you wanted, and tap Add to Cart

1. Each Items Code (for example 00P6F8) has multiple size options(in this situation ”4”), and each size has multiple color
options, color options for each size may be different.
2. Price determined by units(20 strands)
3. We sold by MOQ (25 units, that's 500 strands)

3)   After finished adding items to your cart, tap the Shopping Cart icon in the upper right corner of PandaWhole, you can add and delete articles in shopping cart.

4)   Tap check out with Paypal or Checkout and enter your Shipping & Billing Information, Shipping Method, Customs Invoice & Comments, and tap Place Order to make an payments to complete your purchase.

You may need to Register/Sign In (if you don't have an account at PandaWhole , and PandaHall’s retail websites, or you haven't logged in for a long time)

5)   You can now check your order details in MyAccount >> MyOrers now!

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