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Natural Garnet Beads Strands, Round (00KD9Z)

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      • Garnet Natural Garnet Beads Strands, Round, 4~4.5mm, Hole: 0.8mm, about 96pcs/strand, 15.5 inch
        Garnet Natural Garnet Beads Strands, Round, 4~4.5mm, Hole: 0.8mm, about 96pcs/strand, 15.5 inch

        02 Garnet

        SKU: G-Q462-4mm-23

        MOQ: 10 Packages (50 Strands)

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        US $3.72


      Natural Garnet Beads Strands, Round

      Spiritual Properties of Garnet: Garnet is a gemstone that embodies the spiritual properties of love, loyalty, and commitment. Its deep red hue is a symbol of passion and devotion, while its energy promotes honesty and sincerity in relationships. Garnet is a powerful stone that helps to strengthen bonds between partners, fostering trust and mutual understanding. With garnet, you can deepen your connection with your loved ones, and commit to a lifelong journey of growth and love.

      ※Please note that there is no specific scientific evidence to prove the therapeutic effects of stones, but gemstone therapy meditation may induce a placebo effect that helps you relax the mind.


      Gemstone Meanings

      Gemstone (also called gem, jewel, precious stone or semiprecious stone) is a general term for natural gemstones and manufactured stones.

      Natural Gemstones are minerals or organic matters that are produced from nature. They can be cut and polished for use as jewelry or other adornments. Most Gemstones are hard, durable and rare with great aesthetic value, including natural gemstones, natural jades and natural organic materials (such as pearl and amber).

      Manufactured Stones are materials that are produced wholly or partly by hand for use as ornaments. Our manufactured stones include synthetic gemstones, assembled gemstones and imitation stones.

      Synthetic Gemstones are man-made crystals, non-crystalline solid or aggregates, which may be with chemical, optical and physical characteristics of its natural mineral counterpart.

      Assembled Gemstones are made of two or more pieces of materials by artificial splicing that give the impression of gems. The components may be natural or man-made materials.

      Imitation Stones are gemstones or other materials used to imitate the look and color of a kind of stone, but possess neither their chemical nor physical characteristics.

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        Turquoise Beads
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      Enhancement and Treatment

      Except for cutting and polishing, gemstones are often treated to enhance the color, luster, clarity, optical characteristics, durability or usability of the stone. Color treatment of our gems is divided into Dyed, Dyed & Heated and Electroplated.

      Dyed: Infiltrating color-causing substances (such as colored oils, dyes, etc.) into gemstone by chemical methods to improve or change the color of gemstones. Dyed Jade is commonly treated in this manner.

      Dyed & Heated: To improve or change the color of gemstones by heating and dying process, such as most Red Agate, Black Agate and Red Tiger Eye are dyed and heat-treated.

      Electroplated: The surface of gemstone is covered with a thin film by plating to change its color or luster, such as Electroplated Quartz Crystal, Electroplated Lava Rock.

      Gemstone Nomenclature

      Gemstone Names are divided into classic name and trade name.

      The Classic Name of Gems is a mineralogical, petrological, material and traditional gemological name of gem varieties. Most gemstone names are based on the mineral, such as Garnet, Turquoise, Lapis lazuli, Malachites, etc.

      The Trade Name of Gems is another name widely used and generally recognized in gemstone trade, for example Larimar is the trade name for a rare blue variety of silicate mineral pectolite.

      Different Title Requirements of Gemstone Products

      Five main criteria for gemstone product titles:

      1. If it is a natural gemstone with natural color, its title must contain the word ”Natural”.
      2. If it is a natural gemstone with treated color, its title must contain the word ”Natural” and ”Dyed” or ”Dyed & Heated” or ”Electroplated”.
      3. If it is a synthetic gemstone, its title must contain the word ”Synthetic”.
      4. If it is a assembled gemstone, its title must contain the word ”Assembled”.
      5. If it is a imitation gemstone, its title must contain the name of the original material and imitation stone.

      Tips: if you want to purchase a natural gemstone with natural color, you can click attribute of “Natural” and “Undyed”.

      Bead Size

      Natural gemstones or semi precious stones come from mineral. Due to the naturality, the stones may have tiny flaws. Meanwhile, cutting or polishing can also make each piece of gemstone vary in size, especially when they are made of different batches. But please note that the error for each bead will not be less than 0.2mm of the described size, and no more than 0.75mm of the described size. For example, the round beads with a described size of 8mm, the actual size in a strand may be range of 7.8mm~ 8.75mm, some maybe 8mm and some maybe 8.2mm or 8.5mm. In fact, 8.5mm beads are not much different from 8mm when look by eyes.

      Beads Quantity on Each Strand

      As the error range of beads size, the quantity may have few errors in the same length beads strands, error range of 1~3 beads.

      for Example: 3 strand of 15 inch 6mm Natural Yellow Jade beads , beads quantity is 59pcs, 60pcs, 61 pcs, 62pcs

      59 pcs

      60 pcs

      61 pcs

      As shown:
      The bead size may vary in
      different batches.

      Customer Questions

      Q: For natural color gemstones of the same grade, why some products our customers receive have a little difference in its color from the products picture?

      A: This difference in color is based on the atomic structure of the stone. Every gemstone has its own unique chemical and atomic structure, even the same named gemstone can occur in many different colors, especially in different lots.

      Q: For natural dyed gemstones, why some products our customers receive has a little difference in its color from the products picture?

      A: Because these beads are made in small batches, the dyed color could be slightly different from one batch to another. And the main reason is that the density, color and texture characteristic of a natural stone will lead to different coloring effects, some are darker, some are lighter. But a big color difference is not allowed. We will try our best to supply gemstone products which are consistent with the pictures.