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Natural Cultured Freshwater Pearl Beads, Half Drilled, Dyed, Round (00XRQK)

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  • Slate Gray Natural Cultured Freshwater Pearl Beads, Half Drilled, Dyed, Round, Slate Gray, 4.5~5x4mm, Hole: 1mm
    Slate Gray Natural Cultured Freshwater Pearl Beads, Half Drilled, Dyed, Round, Slate Gray, 4.5~5x4mm, Hole: 1mm

    02 Slate Gray

    SKU: PEAR-I004I-02A

    MOQ: 45 Packages (90 Pairs)

    US $0.60

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Natural Cultured Freshwater Pearl Beads, Half Drilled, Dyed, Round

How to Grade Freshwater Pearls?

In order to help our customers to find their favored freshwater pearls easily and quickly, most of freshwater pearls will be graded in this tutorial. But please note that there is no internationally accepted standard for pearl grading and our pearl grading is subjective, only for the freshwater pearls on our website and not fit for pearls from elsewhere.

This freshwater pearl grading guides adopts a whole letter A-AAAA scale, with more letter “A” means better quality.

Freshwater Pearls Grading Guide

Grade Surface Quality Luster Shape Matching
AAAA Very minor surface
Very high luster Greatly well shaped Excellent matching
AAA Minor surface blemishes High luster Well shaped Good to excellent
AA A few surface blemishes
but not influence their
overall appearance
Good luster Kind of well shaped Medium matching
A Visible surface
Medium luster Not well shaped
Some are visibly not

Tips: Excellent matching means that each pearl is nearly uniform in size, shape, color, surface quality and luster for pairs and strands.

Grade A and grade AA freshwater pearls may perform poorly in terms of various grading factors. However, it’s certainly the imperfections of pearls that add touches of unique and artistic flair to the pearls.

A Comprehensive Guide to Choose Your Favored Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls mainly range in size from 2 mm to 12 mm, 2 mm ~ 6 mm are often regarded as small pearl size while 7 mm ~ 9 mm are often popular for pearl necklace making. In addition, freshwater pearls over 10 mm will be more valuable, especially in high quality.

What is Keshi Pearls?

Reborn Pearls - Keshi pearls on our website are reborn keshi pearls, which means that the pearls are harvested and the mussels are returned to the water with their pearl sacs remained. So they continue to deposit the nacre to form another pearl.

Variety of Shapes - Freshwater keshi pearls, are mostly nuclear pearls. They are grown intentionally. A round keshi pearl can be produced by implanting a round nuclear sheet inside the oyster. So a variety of keshi pearl shapes can be cultured with different shapes of nuclear sheets, such as nuggets, round, flat round, rectangle, cross, rhombus, heart, teardrop, flowers, etc. So many pearl shapes for you to choose.

What is Baroque Pearls?

Baroque pearls often feature irregular shapes and mildly elongated spheres with imperfect surfaces. They come in a variety of imperfect shapes, from minor aberrations to distinctly ovoid, curved, pinched, or lumpy shapes, which add a more unique touch and bring more artistic flair to baroque pairs or strands of pearls.