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Plastic Zip Lock Bags, Resealable Packaging Bags, Top Seal, Self Seal Bag, Rectangle (00DG8Z)

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Plastic Zip Lock Bags, Resealable Packaging Bags, Top Seal, Self Seal Bag, Rectangle

●WATERPROOF & AIRTIGHT: Quality you can see & feel - 100% airtight, our resealable poly bags protect your merchandise from moisture. These small zip baggies are perfect for packing.

●EASY TO USE: The monorail zippers of our resealable plastic bags are easy to lock and keep closed. The sealed bags can prevent dust and moisture from entering and keep the items dry and dust-free, especially for metal and silver products.

●STORAGE & ORGANIZATION: These bags make it easy to organize and store your jewelry, rings, earrings, sewing supplies & other small parts.

Zip Lock Plastic Bag Measure Standard

The zip lock bag’s dimensions are the outside dimensions from side to side and from the top to the bottom. Note: Dimensions are listed in product titles in the format of Length x Width.

Choosing The Right Zip Lock Bag

With sizes ranging from extra small to extra large, you are sure to find the appropriate top-seal bags for packing and storing your daily items. These top-seal bags are made of polyethylene, and meet the FDA requirements, which are safe for foods. They can keep foods and items fresh, clean, and free from oxidation.

Except the dimensions of the bag, the mil thickness is another important factor in choosing the right zipper lock bag. Please note that the thickness is the unilateral thickness of bag’s bottom. Mil is a measurement unit used to measure the thickness of film.

Mil to Millimeter & Microns Conversion Chart:
1 Mil = 0.001 Inch
1 Mil= 25.4 Microns
1 Mil= 0.0254 mm

Our reusable zip bags’ thickness range between 0.9~3.9 Mil. They are great for packing or storing tiny beads, gemstones, jewelry chains, string, thread, sewing accessories, any jewelry, DIY crafts, etc, especially for metal and silver products. Keep in mind that which mil thickness is needed depends on the actual application. Below is the suggested use for different thicknesses.