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Square Plastic Bead Storage Containers (00K7RR)

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      • Clear Square Plastic Bead Storage Containers, Clear, 5.4x5.3x2cm, Inner Size: 5.1x5.05x1.5cm
        Clear Square Plastic Bead Storage Containers, Clear, 5.4x5.3x2cm, Inner Size: 5.1x5.05x1.5cm
        Clear Square Plastic Bead Storage Containers, Clear, 5.4x5.3x2cm, Inner Size: 5.1x5.05x1.5cm

        04 Clear

        SKU: CON-P003-S

        MOQ: 100 Packages (1000 pcs)

        15% OFF

        US $0.38


      Square Plastic Bead Storage Containers

      Bead Storage Containers

      When you work with various beading projects on a regular basis, sometimes you find it difficult to locate and get the beads you need quickly. Or your beads end up being mixed in a bead soup because of choosing the unsuitable bead containers. In order to keep your beads organized, you can choose the right bead containers as needed and label each individual container for easier reference next time.

      Types of Bead Containers

      Grid Bead Containers

      For grid bead containers, some of them are designed with fixed dividers and some are with detachable dividers, which means you can disassemble and assemble the dividers at will to get the space you want. Some multi-grid bead containers have individual lid designs for each grid, which can protect your beads from dust, scattering and mixing.

      Meanwhile, you can store various beads and jewelry accessories in the same box, when you want to work on it, you just need to pick up the box, which is very convenient especially when you are traveling.

      1 Grid 2~5 Grids 6~10 Grids 11~15 Grids 16~20 Grids 21~25 Grids
      26~30 Grids 31~35 Grids 36~40 Grids 56~60 Grids >60 Grids /

      For the single grid bead container, it is like one of the grids in a multi-grid bead container, but it can be taken out separately and is designed with an individual lid. So you can place the label on the lid for easier reference according to size, color, brand and store them in a large bead container. Or it's just like a multi-grid bead container but without any dividers, thus providing you with larger space to store beads.

      Screw-top Bead Jars

      For screw-top bead jars, they are independent and paired with a screw cap. They are highly transparent, so you can see the beads inside clearly. You can place labels on the lids according to size, color and brand for easier reference and store them in a large bead container.

      For screw-together stacking jars, they are made up of jars that screw together into a column. It's an excellent assistant for you to find perfect color match for your beading projects. You can screw it on, then move or add colors to build a new column.

      • Flip Top Bead Organizers

        For flip top bead organizers, they are often used to store seed beads, small beads ore diamond painting drills separately according to their colors and sizes to avoid ending up with a mixed seed bead ''soup''. Labels can be added for easier reference.

      • Bead Storage Tubes

        For bead storage tubes, they are designed with screw caps and can often stand firmly with a flat bottom, fit for organizing seed beads, diamond painting drills, needles, liquids, powders, sequins or other small parts. They are small and lightweight, easy to carry and store.

      • Wishing Bottles

        The wishing bottles also work great on storing beads and can be closed tightly with a cork stopper. They are highly transparent, so you can display the beauty of your precious beads while storing them.

      • Rotatable Bead Containers

        The rotatable bead container has a clear, rotatable and fixed lid at the top. When you want to take out beads or small accessories, just rotate it from the protruding part to the recessed part you need. You can rotate it back to close it again.

      • Clear Display Boxes

        The display boxes are highly transparent and are designed with lids. They are often used to store or display beads, jewelry, collectibles or other small items to protect them from being polluted by dust and debris.

      • Handled Organizers

        The handled organizer box is designed with a comfortable handle for easy transport. Each grid is larger than common bead containers and is often used for organizing beads, sewing & embroidery supplies, first aid kits, fishing tackles, kids' toys, art supplies and much more.