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Handmade Polymer Clay Beads, Heishi Beads, Flat Round/Disc (029P9R)

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      • Mixed Color Handmade Polymer Clay Beads, Heishi Beads, Flat Round/Disc, Mixed Color, 8x1mm, Hole: 2mm, about 7000pcs/500g
        Mixed Color Handmade Polymer Clay Beads, Heishi Beads, Flat Round/Disc, Mixed Color, 8x1mm, Hole: 2mm, about 7000pcs/500g
        Mixed Color Handmade Polymer Clay Beads, Heishi Beads, Flat Round/Disc, Mixed Color, 8x1mm, Hole: 2mm, about 7000pcs/500g

        04 Mixed Color

        SKU: CLAY-XCP0001-07C

        MOQ: 5 Packages (2500 g)

        15% OFF

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        US $5.06


      Handmade Polymer Clay Beads, Heishi Beads, Flat Round/Disc

      What is Polymer Clay?

      Polymer clay is crafted from a type of hardenable modeling clay that actually contains no true clay minerals. It's mainly composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Other ingredients such as fillers, plasticizers and pigments are added to increase its versatility, pliability and to give it vibrant color. Polymer clay will become firm and rigid when it is dried in the oven.

      What is Polymer Clay Used For?

      Polymer Clay Beads

      Polymer clay beads are bright & lightweight and usually come in a variety of shapes such as fruits, animals, flowers, hearts, rainbows, cubes, stars, smiley faces, candies, letters, etc, so many choices to meet you needs. They're the perfect jewelry accessories for DIY earrings, bracelets, necklace, phone landyard, waist beads and more.

      In addition to the regular polymer clay beads mention above, there are several typical polymer clay beads on our website such as heishi beads, rhinestone clay pave beads, half-drilled beads and sprinkle beads.

      Heishi Beads

      Heishi beads can be used to DIY various heishi jewelry, such as heishi bracelets, heishi necklaces, heishi earrings, heishi rings, heishi key chains.

      Rhinestone Clay Pave Beads

      Rhinestone clay beads are made of polymer clay with bright rhinestones inlaid, which makes the whole bead look shinny and eye-catching, suitable for various jewelry needs.

      Half Drilled Beads

      Polymer clay half drilled beads can be made into polymer clay pendants. What you need to do first is to choose the appropriate peg bails for your half-drilled beads, then insert the peg bail into the bead hole to create a polymer clay pendant.

      Sprinkle Beads

      Polymer clay sprinkle beads are fit for fake cake dessert decor, also suitable for DIY resin jewelry, resin shaker embellishment, nail art, slime craft playing, phone case decor or other DIY crafts.

      Polymer Clay Cabochons

      Polymer clay cabochons are thicker and larger than polymer clay slices, and they're ideal for beautiful ornaments on alligator hair clip findings, scrapbooks, shoes, stationary boxes, laptops, phone cases, picture frame bags or other DIY projects.

      Polymer Clay Pendants

      Many polymer clay pendants are designed with various vivid simulated foods such as avocado, strawberry, dragon fruit, grapefruit, carrot, lollipop, mushroom, etc, which are perfect for different DIY hanging ornaments.

      Polymer Clay Slices

      Polymer clay slices are small and thin, they're often used for nail art, epoxy resin crafts, DIY slime crafts and phone case decorations, etc.

      3D Polymer Clay Ornaments

      These 3D polymer clay ornaments are usually created by imitating realistic food shapes, and are often used as cake decor, tree decor, home decor or as toy play foods for kids.

      FAQ about Polymer Clay Jewelry

      1. Is polymer clay jewelry safe?
      Yes, it's safe. Polymer clay jewelry is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) base and other ingredients such as pigments, softeners and organic solvents, all of which are non-toxic.

      2. Can I wear my jewelry in the shower?
      Although polymer clay jewelry is water-proof, being exposed to water frequently will shorten its lifespan. So try to avoid wearing it in wet places, such as shower rooms, pools, lakes and the sea.

      3. Does polymer clay jewelry break easily?
      Polymer clay is made of PVC and is not a fragile material. If baked properly, it won't break easily. However, if you bend thin polymer clay beads with force, it may break.

      4. Is polymer clay jewelry heavy?
      Generally speaking, polymer clay itself is lightweight. But there are some other factors you need to consider such as size, thickness of the polymer clay, or other materials they are combined with.

      5. How can I clean my polymer clay jewelry?
      When your polymer clay jewelry gets dirty, you can wash it with a cotton swab and neutral detergent. Please note that not to soak it in water for too long and make sure to clean it with clear water instead of colored water and detergent, as polymer clay can absorb colors from water easily.

      6. How to take care of my polymer clay jewelry?
      First, after cleaning your polymer clay jewelry, please do not dry it directly in the sunlight, which will make your polymer clay fade. Just absorb the water with a soft cloth and dry it in a shady and clean place, not near dust or debris.

      7. How long does polymer clay jewelry last?
      Generally speaking, the shell life of polymer clay jewelry is 24 months if it's properly cared for.