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Tibetan Style Alloy Beads and Beads Spacers, Mixed Shapes (0214KP)

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    • Package Qty
      5 - 15
      16 +
    • Priced per Package
      US $9.43
      1 Package = 1 Box
      US $8.96
      1 Package = 1 Box
    • Pricing Calculation
      US $47.15
      US $9.43 * 5 Packages
      US $143.36
      US $8.96 * 16 Packages
  • As Low As: US $9.43 / Box

    Ready Time: 15-30 Days

    MOQ: 5 Packages (=5 Boxes)

  • Size Options:

    13x8.4x1.75cm, 280pcs/box

  • Size:

    Flower: 6x2mm, Hole: 1.5mm, 30pcs;

    Bicone: 6.5mm in diameter, 7.5mm thick, hole: 1mm, 30pcs;

    Gear: 6mm in diameter, 2mm thick, 2mm thick, hole: 1mm, 30pcs; ;

    Bead Spacer: 7x2mm, Hole: 1.5mm, 30pcs;

    Flower: 6.5mm in diameter, Hole: 2mm, 30pcs;

    Flower: 5mm in diameter, 4.3mm thick, Hole: 1.2mm, 30pcs;

    Bicone: 7mm in diameter, 5mm thick, hole: 2.5mm, 30pcs;

    Wolf Head: 9.5x13mm, Hole: 2mm, 10pcs;

    Owl: 11x11x7mm, Hole: 1.5mm, 10pcs;

    Elephant: 14.5x9x4.5mm, Hole: 2mm, 10pcs;

    Lion Head with Crown: 14x11.5x8mm, Hole: 2.5mm, 10pcs;

    Fox: 11x13x7mm, Hole: 2mm, 10pcs;

    Leopard Head: 9.5x9.5x7.5mm, Hole: 1.5mm, 10pcs;

    Tiger Head: 14x10x10mm, Hole: 2.5mm, 10pcs;

    Bead Container: 13x8.4x1.75cm, 1pc;


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      • Mixed Color Tibetan Style Alloy Beads and Beads Spacers, Mixed Shapes, Mixed Color, 13x8.4x1.75cm, 280pcs/box

        02 Mixed Color

        SKU: TIBEB-PH0004-69

        MOQ: 5 Packages (5 Boxes)


        US $9.43

        US $8.96


      Tibetan Style Alloy Beads and Beads Spacers, Mixed Shapes