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There are seldom 100% pure natural pearls on market now, and most of so-called natural pearl are artificial cultured. Usually the pearls can be divided into two parts—Seawater Pearl and Freshwater Pearl. Generally speaking, fresh water pearl beads have a growth period about 4~5 years. The longer they grow, the bigger they will be. The quality will vary due to the different growth environment, water quality and mother shell or nacre.
At Pandahall, there are two kinds of freshwater pearl: Grade A & Grade B. They are different in size, shape, luster and surface perfection. Grade A is best with high quality while Grade B's quality is plain.
Specification Grade  A Grade  B Remark
  Size Strand: the beads and strand is well-proportioned. Strand: Most of the beads in the strand are well-proportioned, but some are bigger or smaller. Round or approximate round beads are shown by the diameter. Other shapes are shown by the smallest size.
  Shape Round Strand: diameter deviation rate≤8%
Rice Strand: diameter deviation rate≤20%
Flat Round Strand: diameter deviation rate≤20%
Round Strand: diameter deviation rate≤12%
Rice Strand: diameter deviation rate≥20%
Flat Round Strand: diameter deviation rate≥20%
Of all the shapes, round has the highest quality. Some irregular shapes' surfaces aren't smooth.
  Luster With light reflection on the smooth surface. Obscure reflection on the smooth surface. Luster is the most remarkable charm of pearl beads and excellent beads must have powerful luster with rainbow-like color.
Surface Perfection It is hard to see the flaws on the surface by eye It's clear to see the flaws on the surface which is about 1/4 of the total area. Just like other precious stones, pearls also have flaws. The fewer flaws, the higher quality. The flaws always distribute on the surface, such as protuberance, line, stain, gap, chip, split, nick and so on. Of all the flaws, gap and split have the heaviest effect on the quality of pearls. If the flaws are unclear, the pearls will have high quality.
Pearl Care Tips:
  • Avoid touching or using corrosive materials (Acids, Alkali and Oxidants such as cleaning fluids).
  • Avoid touching firm and coarse materials.
  • You'd better not use perfume when girding the pearl jewelry and not use cosmetic when the pearl jewelry is close to your skin, avoid sweat.
  • To conserve the pearl jewelry, since it in water with mild washing liquid, such as "woolite".Gently pat dry and pack it in soft, clean cloth to avoid abrasion.

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