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How to Prevent Your Resin from Yellowing?

How to Prevent Your Resin from Yellowing?


Why does the Resin Turn Yellow?


Objectively, resin products will turn yellow when you work with it for a certain length of time. And if the resin is exposed to any of following elements, it will speed up the process of yellowing.


● UV Light
● High Temperature
● Moist Environments

How to Prevent the Resin Items from Yellowing?


Although it’s inevitable for resin pieces to turn yellow, we can still try our best to offer some protections and against yellowing.


  • Keep the resin away from UV light. Try to use or store your resin pieces in a place where there is only electric light and not any UV light.

  • Keep your resin pieces away from sources of heat. Do not hang the resin pieces under bulb light, heat vent, or use it in an area with consistently high temperatures.

  • Do not place your resin pieces in moist environments or frequently exposed to water.

  • Try to choose yellow resin pieces or some other similar colors and deep colors , which can help to mask the yellowing. Thus, you won’t notice the yellowing when it occurs.

Resin items will not change their color for a certain period of time. So in order to fully enjoy the beauty of your resin pieces, please try to use it as soon as possible before turning yellow.




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