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How to order from

Purchasing an item on PandaWhole is easy. Just follow the steps below.

STEP 01: Register and log into your account.

1. Click "Join Free" to register an account.
2. Register using your email address.

STEP 02: Find the product you want to buy.

1. Find the items you want by browsing category or searching keywords.

※For the website’s products, you need to know:

1. Each item code has multiple size options, each size has multiple color options, and the color options for each size may be different.
2. The price for each product code may also be different. The product price refers to the price per pack.
3. Package Size: Quantity per package.
4. MOQ: We sell based on MOQ. Example: If you want to buy product 00P2XM, you need to buy at least 30 packs, each pack is 10 strands, and you get 300 strands in total.

STEP 03: Add items to your shopping cart.

1. Find items that you like and select a color, size, and quantity you would like to purchase.
2. Make sure you selected the right color, size, and quantity, and then click "Add to Cart".

STEP 04: Go to your shopping cart.

STEP 05: Review your added items and make some modifications if necessary in your cart.

1. You can write your repacking requirements before submitting the order.
2. You can click "computer icons" to check all available shipping methods and estimated shipping time & costs.
3. Remember to use the coupon if you have one.
4. You can also check out on this page, just pick the items you want and then click on Checkout or PayPal at the right bottom.

STEP 06: Fill in your shipping information.

1. Fill in the shipping address.
2. Click on the button "Save and ship to this address".

STEP 07: Place your order.

1. Choose a shipping method.
2. If you have a coupon available, make sure to apply it.
3. When you're ready to place your order, click "Place Order".

STEP 08: Pay your order.

1. Select a payment method. After completing the payment, an order confirmation email will be automatically sent to your registered email address.

※The another way to place an order via email:

Send an email to [email protected], the required information in the email includes:

Product Number
Delivery Address

Once the email is confirmed, it will reply immediately. What should be paying attention to is that the response speed of this ordering method is slower than placing an order directly on the website.

Thanks for reading the guide. Looking forward to receiving your order.

* If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

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